Balloons are always a blast, and tossing in some confetti and sparkles only makes them even more fun. Confetti balloons are some of our most popular, and they sure do add a pop to any balloon bouquet. There are a few things people should know about them. Some of them may surprise you!


They’re Not Premade

Many people are surprised to learn that confetti balloons do no come pre-made. They have to be hand made each order. It’s a pretty simple process. Confetti or sparkles are added into a deflated balloon using a small spoon or funnel. Then air or helium is added to expand them. There are some pre-made confetti balloon options where confetti dots are printed on the balloons, but these tend to not look as great.


They Contain Some Air

When you order helium balloons, all of the gas inside is helium. Confetti balloons are a bit different though. The confetti sticks to the sides of the balloons through static electricity. In order to get the necessary amount of static, a small amount of air has to be added. That means that helium confetti balloons are all about a quarter air. This results in them not lasting as long as regular helium balloons, but they sure look pretty while they do last!


It’s Tricky to Get Confetti to Stick

Pictures can be misleading. It takes a few good tricks to get the confetti to stick to the sides of the balloons and look good. Sparkles are smaller and can stick by using HiFloat, but metallic and paper confetti is different. Confetti sticks through static electricity. In order to get the static a small amount of air is added. Then you simply rub the sides of the balloons to draw the confetti! If you order confetti balloons and notice the confetti has fallen, just try to create some static and it should stick again.


There Are Different Types of Confetti

Not all confetti is the same! There are tons of different types of confetti and sparkles out there that can be added. Each type has its pros and cons. The most popular types of confetti are:

  • Metallic sparkles
  • Metallic flakes
  • Foil confetti
  • Paper confetti

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January 21, 2020 — Madeline Scott