Hi! Welcome to Cutie Balloons. We offer on-demand balloon delivery throughout Toronto and the GTA. We offer pick-ups as well, but we don't have a storefront! All orders must be placed online through the website.


Pick-Up Information: 

For pick-up orders, we are located at 495 Adelaide St West (Adelaide W & Portland). We DO NOT have a storefront location. All orders need to be placed online ahead of time. When you arrive, use the intercom door bell to let the front desk know you have arrived for a pick-up order. 


Delivery Information: 

Your balloons will be delivered on the date and time slot selected at checkout. You will receive a call once our delivery team has arrived. Please meet them downstairs in the lobby if you are in a condo building.

Due to weather, traffic, and other unforeseen circumstances, we cannot guarantee your delivery time.

We do not enter the condo/go up to the unit. If you are not home at the time of delivery, we will attempt to leave them with the concierge. If the concierge does not accept the balloons (or if you live in a house), a re-delivery fee may apply if we are required to return at a later time.


Frequently Asked Questions: 

Do you offer Toronto Balloon Delivery?

Yes, we offer Balloon delivery throughout Toronto and the GTA! Select your preferred date and time slot for delivery at checkout. 

Due to weather, traffic, and other unforeseen circumstances, we cannot guarantee your delivery time.

Is There a Delivery Fee?

(Within 30 KM - Includes most of North York, Mississauga, and Scarborough!)

For orders over $85 in Toronto (within 30 KM) there is free delivery! 

For orders under $85 in Toronto there is a $15 delivery fee.

For Priority Delivery (within 30 mins of your selected time, between hours of 9AM - 7PM) in Toronto it is $25. 


GTA (Brampton, Vaughan, Markham, Richmond Hill, Thornhill, Newmarket)
(From 31KM - 60KM from Downtown Toronto)

Standard Delivery Fee: $19.50

For Priority Delivery (within 30 mins of your selected time, between hours of 9AM - 7PM) in GTA it : $45


Outside of GTA (60KM+): 
Calculated at checkout based on your distance.


Where Can You Deliver Balloons To?

We deliver through Toronto, North York, Markham, Richmond Hill, Brampton, Scarborough, Oakville, Mississauga, ... all over the Greater Toronto Region! 

Our delivery team is happy to drive further if needed, but delivery fees are calculated based on the distance.  

What are your delivery time slots? 

We offer delivery windows throughout the day for you to choose from! Delivery windows are an estimated arrival time, and we cannot ensure the delivery will be within your selected time frame (unless Priority Delivery is selected), although we do try our best to accommodate your preferred delivery time. They are guaranteed to be delivered on your delivery date! 

What days are you open?

We are open Monday through Sunday.

How far in advance should I order my balloons?

We offer same day service, however it’s best to order 1~3 days ahead of time.


If I bring in balloons, will you inflate them with helium for me?

No, we do not offer this service.


Can I customize the colours of the balloons? I like one of these bouquets, but I'd like to change some of the colours! 

Of course! You can put in the color option your preferred color combo or changes, or you can leave a note on the cart page when you are checking out! 


Are your balloons on strings and weighted and filled with helium?

Yes, all the balloons come on string and with weights. They are filled with helium.

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes, our online booking accepts credit cards and Apple Pay.

If I blow up balloons by mouth, will they float?

No, the balloons require helium to float.


How long will the balloons float?

The latex balloons are treated with HiFloat to extend their float time from the standard 8 - 12 hours to up to 24 - 48 hours hours (but often longer!). 

We recommend removing the balloons from the plastic bag once received to preserve their longevity. 

*The environment and the temperature at which the balloons are stored has an effect on float times so we’re unable to guarantee exact times.
Please note, confetti filled balloons cannot be treated with HiFloat as they are filled with paper confetti so standard float time applies. Any arrangements that include air-filled balloons or other decor items that add to the weight of the bouquet will also impact float time. 

Foil balloons (like the jumbo number balloons): 4 - 6 days

Jumbo custom balloons last up to a week.

We recommend removing the balloons from the plastic bag once received to preserve their longevity. 

Temperature & Weather Conditions 

Balloons do not like the hot or the cold! Helium shrinks in cold temperatures and expands in hot temperatures. 

In cold temperatures the foil balloons will appear deflated as the helium shrinks, but it will reinflate once brought to room temperature. We do not recommend leaving the balloons outside in cold weather. 

In hot temperatures, the helium expands and could cause the balloons to pop. The balloons will also oxidize in warm weather and will appear more matte. We do not recommend leaving balloons outside in hot weather.

Due to their inherent nature, we cannot be responsible for the balloons when left outside. 

What if my balloon pops?

Due to the nature of balloons,  they can sometimes pop. If your balloons have popped, please e-mail us a photo of your popped balloon within 30 minutes of receiving your order and we will provide a new one via your original method of either delivery or pick-up.

You must provide a photo within 30 minutes via e-mail. Due to the nature of balloons, we are not liable for any damage or popping that happens after this time frame. We are not liable for any damage that happens if balloons are left outdoors. 

Refund Policy

All orders must be cancelled 48 hours prior to pick-up or delivery for a refund. No refunds will be issued if order is cancelled within 48 hours of requested pickup/delivery.