Party Time Gourmet Popcorn - Birthday Cake Flavor - 6oz Bag


Our signature popcorn “takes the cake” with white chocolate drizzle candy confetti. Party Time is a festive addition that is sure to add a burst of color to your life, event, or gift. Our signature popcorn, drizzled with rich white chocolate, and adorned with colorful candy confetti, makes every day a celebratory day. Go ahead, put on your party hat and indulge in this fun gourmet treat. These party sized treats are crunchier & less messy than traditional birthday cake, it’s like a surprise party in your mouth: surprisingly thrilling and sweet. ❤ Non-Dairy & Lactose-Free. ❤ Gluten-Free Ingredients. ❤ Vegan Friendly. ❤ Non-GMO Corn. ❤ OU Kosher (Parve). ❤ Handcrafted Fresh Daily. 6 Ounce Clear Bag – Sealed for maximum freshness | Est. 5-month shelf life.